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Wanna buy a laptop, what should my budget be?

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User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

5 years ago#21
Dragnfyr posted...
Compromises have to be made for portability.

Considering you can get a fairly slim laptop with a 555m, I would say no. Even the AMD card that comes with the 15in MacBook pro is capable of pretty decent gaming, albeit quite expensive. However decent gaming is better than useless.

User Info: zxelman

5 years ago#22
Having Optimus, I switched over to my HD Graphics 4000 graphics. While my CPU is an i7, HD 4000 plays Skyrim at a comfortable level. Probably will get less fps with a weaker CPU on a different laptop, but it's not bad. Just can't play too well with 1080p and settings on high. Still looks ok overall, especially for a casual-moderate gamer.

Playing Minecraft was a bit limiting though. Course I did play it with a few mods on, but I get 30-40 fps on no fog and mods built inside the Tekkit Launcher when using the 4000. Stutters a bit.

Again, my CPU is better than what's inside non-gaming laptops, so results will most likely vary with some games.
Best way to determine what each laptop GPU can run on each game. Look for yours in CP
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