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Audiophiles, your help is needed.

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User Info: Cal873

5 years ago#1
I'm looking to get some serious sound for my PC soon, but I am still very new to PC connections and all that jazz so i need some help and/or advice.

I recently finished my first build which i am super happy about (first high end gaming PC), but i've been craving some better sound than my default Asus Monitor's speakers.

Here's my motherboard that I am currently using

I would ideally like to use this headset

Along with this mixamp for surround sound gaming

I currently have the Turtle Beach XP500 connected to my 360 and PS3 with an optical audio connection, so i'm familiar enough to know that my motherboard does not have an optical port. Is it possible to get my desired set up with surround sound without getting a new sound card or motherboard (very unlikely for me to pursue this any time soon, for obvious reasons).

Or would my best bet to just use the PC 360's and ignore the mixamp altogether?
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User Info: DreDayy

5 years ago#2
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