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Anyone think they can help?

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User Info: TheTRocka

5 years ago#1
The problem is my comp running slow. I've never had to many troubles with it running poorly unless I try playing a game it cant handle. I bought Diablo 3 and played the first week no problem, was running it at High setting AA off and Shadows off. I could play in a party with 3 other people lag free. The past two nights though has been horrible, even if I run solo it dragging horribly. Ive bumped all settings down to low and even reduced my resolution. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this or a solution? I've reset my router and modem to no avail. The sad thing is that before I would even stream movies on my xbox at the same time and not cause slowdown. No all internet connected items are off and its miserable. My router is password protected as well so I know someone is not leeching off it. Any ideas or suggestions?

PS- Ive run a defrag and disc clean too.
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User Info: mafiafun

5 years ago#2
Can't help without some info about your computer. Act 3 tends to lag people up.
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