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gtx 260 vs gtx 480 (worth upgrade)

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User Info: Lozh900

5 years ago#1
Yea is it worth an upgrade, bare in mind I am running a rather old intel quad core q6600 @ 2.6gz and ddr2 4 gb ram.

I can't afford to do any major upgrades at the moment beyond the graphics card
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User Info: Aceallways

5 years ago#2
Given your situation, I would say no. I am running a GTX260 and find all games still fun just fine @ 1920*1080.
--Aceallways - Azure Knight - lvl 5x

User Info: DARQ MX

5 years ago#3
My friend had the same exact specs, Now he has my setup but still that card. He seems to be able to play most games but I think it is worth to do the upgrade but you will not be able to see the full potential of that 480 with that cpu probably, essentially it is a low end Core 2 E6600 except 2 of them on the same die thus making it a quad.
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