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Bestvideodownloader popup... anyone else getting this?

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  3. Bestvideodownloader popup... anyone else getting this?

User Info: Government_Food

5 years ago#1
While browsing Gamefaqs, this random "bestvideodownloader" page pops up. It happened on my desktop and laptop (both of which are clean). WOT lists it as a safe website and the users there says the website is safe.

I also have a Youtube downloader plugin for Firefox but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

User Info: MaestroSSX

5 years ago#2
lol no abp
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User Info: iceache

5 years ago#3
Lol. Abp or bust.

User Info: little_spedve

5 years ago#4
ABP is the holy grail of pop-up blockers.
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User Info: Yogal_Fish

5 years ago#5
This one?

Reading the comments it seems that it was a bug.
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User Info: fatboy44

5 years ago#6
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  3. Bestvideodownloader popup... anyone else getting this?

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