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Terraria or Minecraft?

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User Info: Spidey555

5 years ago#21
Thanks for the help ElDudorino
I think I understand some of the basics. I just need to get myself more prepared for nightfall
Exploring is pretty fun
I do plan on getting Minecraft sometime, just $26.95 is too much for me, especially for a game I may not care about
I enjoy survival and rpg elements. I do not want to spend my time building beautiful buildings for the heck of it, rather to just survive and make a fort or something.

User Info: Mr_Zaltan

5 years ago#22
I don't like either, I dislike Minecraft more... Hopefully that helps.
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User Info: arleas

5 years ago#23
Minecraft is great for building and stuff, but absolutely abysmal for combat. Combat in minecraft is a clunky chore you have to put up with to enjoy the rest of the game (unless you play on peaceful). At least they put in an actual ending if you should decide to try to play for a "goal". If all you wanted to do was build and explore minecraft is superior in this area.

Terraria is more of an actual game with boss fights and stuff, but it lacks a clear end game. It's just "rush to hard mode, then be annoyed that the game is not fun anymore". Combat is fun though, and nothing forces you to go to "hard mode", but if you don't then it's just "play until you can't advance any more and then be bored" rather than "be annoyed".

Being creative in Minecraft is more fulfilling because there's so much more you can do. If I'm not trying to create something cool and just wanted to fight monsters and stuff, I'd vote for Terraria.

Seeing as how the TC already chose Terraria, you should probably know that you can always talk to the guide and he'll give you some answers as well as show you what you can make with any given item. Otherwise, there are wikis for both games that give lots of info.

User Info: ElDudorino

5 years ago#24
"It's just "rush to hard mode, then be annoyed that the game is not fun anymore"."

Hah! Totally. I've played through to Hard Mode twice and had fun doing it but then I've just gotten frustrated and stopped. The best part about Terraria for me is really progressing through the different gear types while exploring caves early on, then getting strong enough to brave the jungle and getting even better gear from there, but then by the time I reach the dungeon I'm kinda like "Meh... Skeletor's dead, so what more do they want from me?" Getting Hard Mode ore is tedious, and I've never really played much into it or gone for any of the big Hard Mode bosses. But pre-Dungeon I have a great time, and that can be a lot of hours of enjoyment depending on luck with what stuff you find, so, yeah.

User Info: CrapFactory

5 years ago#25
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User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

5 years ago#26
I love hard mode. The difficulty level is somewhat higher than when you first start a fresh character, but you still have your home, NPCs and your awesome equipment. Then you get more and more powerful and take on some fantastically difficult bosses. The feeling of accomplishment when you get the last piece of Hallowed gear is...awesome.
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User Info: __Crazy__

5 years ago#27
While I sunk more hours into Minecraft, I would say I had more fun with Terraria. Granted, I only played Terraria with friends (ie. I never played it by myself) so that may skew things a bit.

User Info: cody4783

5 years ago#28
They're so very different...

Terraria, as said, is about fighting, killing things, collecting loot, and progressing.

Minecraft is more about adventure, roaming, mining for materials, finding dungeons/towns, and so on. Not near as much loot to find, and no where near as many enemies.

HOWEVER: Minecraft is still being worked on and getting new content; AND has an amazing modding community that can turn the basic formula on it's head. Terraria has been abanded because the developers ran out of creativity, and doesn't really have a modding community to speak of.

Just Minecraft+The YogBox can turn it on it's head. That mod pack alone adds hundreds of new enemies/creatures, villages, dungeons, a HUGE stock of loot, and all sorts of possibilities. It completely re-invents the gameplay.

And that's just one possibility. There are adventure maps, mods for nothing but loot and monsters, mods that add objectives/quests to do, and so on and so forth. With a little time on the modding forums, you can make Minecraft into damn near anything you want.
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