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Post pics of your currents and or favorite Desktop Wallpaper thread!

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  3. Post pics of your currents and or favorite Desktop Wallpaper thread!

User Info: pspmaster23

4 years ago#1
thoughts? post yours up! <D2 My Puppie>
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User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

4 years ago#2

Currently using this on my second monitor; the first is hosting a custom userface I'm working on.
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User Info: snesmaster40

4 years ago#3

This guy. Had this picture for a long time now.
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User Info: Xa3r0x

4 years ago#4 LoL Gameplay ; PSN - Xaer0x914 ;
LoL IGN- LOL ITS X ; Steam - Xaero

User Info: dry1ce

4 years ago#5
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Steam: dry1ce

User Info: BeanCounter64

4 years ago#6
I have about 60 hubble telescope images cycling as my wallpaper. It's the Universe, on your desktop.
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User Info: taco_ninja393

4 years ago#7

One for each monitor
Steam/Origin/XBL: PROTOmartyr
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User Info: Acdcfantony

4 years ago#8

Don't remember where I stored the image, so I took a screencap.
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User Info: __Crazy__

4 years ago#9

User Info: GunSlinger092

4 years ago#10
taco_ninja393 posted...

Thanks a lot! I've been looking for an HD version of this image.


In my opinion, I still think this is one of the best game ever. A personal favorite of mine.
Steam: PSN: GunSlinger092 3DS: 5069-3959-0672
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  3. Post pics of your currents and or favorite Desktop Wallpaper thread!

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