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how do I keep dust out of my computer?

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User Info: Darkcloud20

5 years ago#11
Your mom is forcing you to go to the basement? Thats how Binding of Isaac starts. Thats not gonna end good tc.

User Info: ShadowSkill11

5 years ago#12
1. Move out of your parents basement
2. Vacuum and dust the room
3. Don't smoke or let pets in the room

User Info: Aebleskiver

5 years ago#13
If you just want dust out of your inner parts then buy some fan filters. It won't keep all the dust out but it'll help. Remember that every fan slot needs a filter, include exhaust.

User Info: link510

5 years ago#14
Fan filters mostly. Not much else to do. Clean it out every week or so. This reminds me, I need to clear the dust from my computer, temps have went up a couple of degrees...

User Info: iceache

5 years ago#15
Live in a fantasy world where dust doesnt exist?
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  3. how do I keep dust out of my computer?

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