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Game suggestions?

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User Info: Slashcross451

5 years ago#1
Just built a gaming pc, after being out of the scene for a while. any games worth picking up that have come out recently? or that will be coming out soon?
I already have Diablo 3, I dont have much of a preference as far as what category of games I play, i like to play them all, though rpg's are a little higher on the list
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User Info: BeanCounter64

5 years ago#2
Fallout New Vegas - the dialogue is great, and it's better than fallout 3 in my opinion. Also the side quests are entertaining and varied

The Witcher 1 or 2. - again the dialogue in this game is very good, although it does seem to be a tad too serious for my taste, where as fallout's dialogue has a black humour tinge to it. I have not played the second game, but I quite enjoy playing the first game, and the first game's combat is competent. I am aware that the second game has a combat system that many consider to be the most superior of the action rpg genre.

Dragon Age Origins - I have wanted to get this game for the last 3 years. It's pretty unforgiving, but my bro likes this game and he is a huge diablo fan.

Bastion - many people consider this game to be superior to diablo III for varied reasons

Torchlight 1 - diablo clone, 2 is coming out soon.

Mass Effect - I don't really like this series, but many people love it.

The Walking Dead - it's point and click. It's different, but the character development is fantastic.

STALKER - some consider that Fallout is somewhat a pale imitation of the Stalker series. My favourite is Clear Sky. Call of Pripyat can be intimidating at first as you are literally dropped into the world and you then take it from there.

Borderlands - fps version of Diablo in a futuristic setting. I tried to like this game, but lost interest.

Hope this helps you.
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User Info: zxelman

5 years ago#3
Along with Torchlight 2 coming out soon, there's Path of Exile that's going to go Open Beta in August IIRC. Pretty much a f2p Diablo with different mechanics to it. Find their website and register early for a chance to get into the closed beta. I doubt I'll get my invite any time soon, but the addicting 5-minute timer convinces me otherwise.

Diablo is pretty much a grindfest with loads of loot, right? Barely tried the second, but I sort of like it. Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is another grindfest with plenty of loot, while being free. Like Diablo II, it shows some age, but the 32-bit color setting make things pretty colorful. Phantasy Star Online 2 is likely to come to America after officially releasing in Japan, but hasn't been announced for US/EU yet.

Then there's Borderlands already mentioned, with a 2nd one coming out this year. Not everyone's cup of tea, but if you're used to Diablo, you may like Borderlands plenty.

In short:
Path of Exile (Currently Closed Beta, Open Beta in August, Free)

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (Private Server, Free)

Phantasy Star Online 2 (Closed pre-Beta for Japan this month, not announced for US/EU, free)

Borderlands 1 & 2 (2 out later this year)
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