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My computer occasionally turns off and then turns on a second later.

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  3. My computer occasionally turns off and then turns on a second later.

User Info: MouthBreather82

5 years ago#11
hi_polymer posted...
From: arleas | #007
I'd suggest moving your electronics so that they're not all connected to the same outlet (if you have like a bunch of stuff on a power strip). You should probably also have your breakers checked so that they're the appropriate size for the load they have on them.

If you have a breaker that's too big then every time the power is overloaded you risk melting the wires and starting a fire...if the breaker is too small you'll have to go flip the breakers repeatedly.

Otherwise, it could just be the electric company having fits and there's nothing you can do about that (short of moving or finding a new electricity provider).

My tv is plugged into a different outlet and so is my computer. The thing that's strange is that this happens irregularly, leading me to believe that it probably is something to do with my provider. Oh well. If the problem becomes more frequent I guess I'll call them.

Any chance of my computer being damaged from being turned on and off automatically?

Just because it is a different outlet does not mean it is on a seperate breaker usually smaller rooms have 1 breaker for the entire room, That being said I doubt you have that many things plugged in to where you are overloading the circut. Most likely you are gettting "brown outs" from the electric company. Basically you are getting surges IE gaps in power causing some stuff to shut off. I get them often in certain times of the year...thats why we have surge protecters....and NOT CHEAP ones. If it keeps doing it over a period of time it is still a good idea to just unplug the thing completly for piece of mind.

User Info: OnlyAHobo

5 years ago#12
It could be something else is being infrequently used on the circuit. A (bed)room isn't usually on it's own breaker, there are usually multiple room / hallway outlets and lights all on the same circuit. If it were me, I'd find out which outlets are on the same circuit as my room. The same thing used to happen to me once in awhile. My lights would dim and sometimes my PC would shut off. It was because someone was turning on a vacuum plugged into another room, but on the same circuit. Now it gets plugged in elsewhere, and there's no issues.
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  3. My computer occasionally turns off and then turns on a second later.

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