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ALIENWARE, trying to give me good deal on m18x LAPTOP o_O!!!

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User Info: pspmaster23

5 years ago#1
people say it's overprice...but hows this deal? they tell me it's a good deal.
for $2200 with tax!
base config of an m18x starting price of $2000+ sli 7970m's the upgrade alone for it is $500+ on website (o_o)

they give me....
2nd day shipping
5% of $2200 in gift card
$200 gift card
m18x backpack worth around $80-100

To buy or not to buy? sli not worth it?!

"gets ready if i dooooo buy"
1. Dude buys overpriced computer
2. People tell dude he made a Really Bad Decision
3. Dude accuses people of being jealous
4. People have a grand old time picking his logic apart piece by piece <D2 My Puppie>
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User Info: Shub

5 years ago#2
People saying it's overpriced are ignorant idiots, honestly.
It's not overpriced. It's expensive. There's a difference. Alienware desktops are overpriced. Their laptops are fine for the most part when you factor in the support/warranty services.
Try finding a laptop with the same specs for less. You can't. Hell, as far as I know, right now you can't find another laptop with the same specs, period. The M18x is the only one with dual 7970Ms.
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User Info: ShadowSkill11

5 years ago#3
I think I got about $500 off mine by ordering through AAFES last year. Then again that's not going to do you a lot of good if you aren't US military.

User Info: r0ge00

5 years ago#4
Just read Shub's post and close the thread.

User Info: schadow

5 years ago#5
Don't be ashamed. I paid $2300 for my laptop, and I love it.
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User Info: DiehardFFv2

5 years ago#6
as far as I remember, no one with a brain has said that this particular deal was overpriced. This is just pspmaster begging for more attention much like his other topics most of which are just repeats of themselves. Anyone who responds legitimately anymore is just feeding him at this point. I also could have sworn that one of his five other topics about this computer said he had already paid for it and ordered it already.
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User Info: mx3orange

5 years ago#7
worth it mang
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User Info: dareme

5 years ago#8
This is like the third 'is this a good deal on m18x 7970m x2' thread ive seen in the past week. WTF?

User Info: Lemur_H

5 years ago#9
gigapuddi posted...
Your topics are bad and you should feel bad.
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User Info: Pirate 2

Pirate 2
5 years ago#10
-200 gift card
-110 (5% gift card)

if they took off an extra hundred and forgot about the backpack, then id go for it.
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