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Serious issues with sound in Java, expertise sought.

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User Info: Aeon320

5 years ago#1
Hello everyone. At the conclusion of my high school career, I have a near-finished product of what I consider to be an indie game. There are three central problems left to address, namely save systems, sound implementation, and a sense of stability. The first two are much more tangible, and therefore will be addressed first.

I haven't begun the save system yet, but I will implement a method of serialization that will save the terrain, structures, units, mobs, inventory, etc. of the player. Then, export it into a file of some sort, and read the same in via IO reader to load the game.

I have been focusing more decidedly, then, on the sound implementation. It will add certain value to the game, providing a more complete feeling and one of tangible worth. I am stuck. I have no idea how to go about doing this, as the SUN package for external sound has been disallowed in Java, unless some workaround exists that I am not aware of.

I've googled for answers to some redundant and flawed workarounds that don't work. More recently, I have downloaded vanilla Minecraft and decompiled it to read through the source code in the name of education. It has presented some interesting topics of research and information, but there is a certain codec that is not implemented - referred to as 'Paul's Codec'.

So I guess, in effect, can someone please shed some light as to where to go, what to do, or how to proceed so that Lost City can see some form of self publication and finality, moving from pre-alpha to alpha (or alpha to beta?). I'm entirely frustrated and completely lost.

Thanks for your time.
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  3. Serious issues with sound in Java, expertise sought.

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