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Any way to throttle my Steam download speeds?

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  3. Any way to throttle my Steam download speeds?

User Info: SomeMacGuy

5 years ago#11
i just set my internet connection to dial-up, and download location to somewhere in new zealand
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User Info: ShadowSkill11

5 years ago#12
QoS controls in your router. If you don't know anything about networking you may be screwed on the easy way.

User Info: Szymaa

5 years ago#13
Say politely "Hey dude, I need to download some big files. Mind if I hog the router for a little while?"
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User Info: drewh

5 years ago#14
Enable QoS on your router.
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User Info: link510

5 years ago#15
arfarf624 posted...
download the games at night when he isn't using the internet

Or when he's not around or something. Would be easier.
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  3. Any way to throttle my Steam download speeds?

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