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Which GTX 670? Asus DCU II or EVGA FTW?

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User Info: XTC_XtraCrispy

5 years ago#1
I've read about great cooling and overclocks from both GTX 670 cards.

Asus DCU II is the first perfect 10/10 in TechPowerUp, while many members of this board show more interest in the EVGA FTW.

I care more about reliability than performance. Which is right for me?

Or should I wait for 660?

User Info: tomatotron

5 years ago#2
I went with the Asus (non Top version), and overclocked, I've ended up with a max boost frequency of 1228 MHz, and +380 MHz on the memory. I'm actually really quite happy with it, particularly because it's a very, very quiet card, and my temps don't exceed 70 degrees (highest is 68). I can't really comment on the EVGA FTW version though, since I don't know anything about it though XD
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User Info: DiehardFFv2

5 years ago#3
If you only ever plan on one, ASUS DCU II Top for sure in my opinion. SLI is more up in the air since the EVGA FTW vents straight out the back and not into the case. However, the Top does still come with the backplate which has to be taken into consideration since these are big heavy cards.
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User Info: DreDayy

5 years ago#4
if you are going to sli or if you have bad air flow get the ftw

single card get the asus.
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