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Addictive online game to play this summer...???

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User Info: The_Count_Foo

5 years ago#21
Well Diablo III arena (PvP) is getting patched in some time soon. If you like LoL you may want to give Diablo III arena a chance when it comes out before you just shelf it forever.
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User Info: XoXMegaGamerXoX

5 years ago#22
I guess so. After 70 hours with Diablo III, I just am starting to really hate the game.
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User Info: Fall_Of_Rome

5 years ago#23
XoXMegaGamerXoX posted...
Thanks ^^ for answering the question.

Unlike the really cool people telling me to get outside, while they are on gamefaqs.

I own CIV5. I only got it because it was like 35% off or something. I can't really get into it.
Don't know much about DayZ.

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