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I already own a high end PC but is getting a PS3 a good idea?

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  3. I already own a high end PC but is getting a PS3 a good idea?

User Info: DangerousNewb

5 years ago#1
Ive had this high end pc which i play mostly games through steam. I never owned a ps3 and Ive noticed some awesome games that are coming out or have been released. Is a PC + PS3 a good combination over a 360 + PC?

User Info: Orestes417

5 years ago#2
If you want the exclusive games, go for it.
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User Info: Szymaa

5 years ago#3
I'm a PS3 fan, so my opinion is skewed, but I would say yes.

PS3 + PC is the way to go.
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User Info: Government_Food

5 years ago#4
I would say don't limit yourself just to the PC. If there's a good amount of exclusive games on the consoles, pick it up.

User Info: ChromaticAngel

5 years ago#5
PC + PS3, as I said in the other thread, is the best combination for gaming all around.

If you're a hardcore Halo, Gears or Forza fan, get the 360, but really, Gears, Forza, and Halo are the only three games that the 360 gets that the PC doesn't get, aside from Kinect games.

PS3 though, gets lots of exclusives that the PC doesn't get.
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User Info: Treason686

5 years ago#6
Yeah, there are definitely some great PS3 games that make the console worth owning. I can't say the same for the 360. It has pretty much collected dust since I bought it.

Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles (Truly underrated), Uncharted, Resistance, and others make the console worth owning, but those are my favorites.
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User Info: fire2box

5 years ago#7
Heavy Rain
Red Dead Redemption (not on PC at all yet and no plans to it seems)
Sly cooper 4
Uncharted 1-3
The Last of Us
Infamous 1 and 2
R&C games
Resistance games

All of these games listed asides red dead redemption are PS3 only titles. Also the PS3 is a good media player/server. You can even stream video from your PC to PS3 in HD on your wi-fi network. Also the hard drive is very easy to upgrade when/if you need to.
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User Info: Tyranius2

5 years ago#8
PC + DS master race

User Info: Rilievo

5 years ago#9
A PC and PS3 are all you need to play the best games, unless you love Halo for some reason. 3DS and PSP if you want to include portables.

User Info: The_Count_Foo

5 years ago#10
If you like the exclusives that the ps3 has, go for it. Though I will tell you my ps3 is getting pretty good at collecting dust these days.
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  3. I already own a high end PC but is getting a PS3 a good idea?

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