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Max bf3

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User Info: anaismonse

5 years ago#1
Sorry for any grammer spelling mistakes..typing on a phone...but my question is will a 680 max bf3? By that I mean ultra with aa x4 but not with fxaa, don't like it, at 60fps 1080p. The rest of my system is an i5 at 2.6 I think and 8 gigs of ram with a 750watt ps. I'm runining sli 460s now.

User Info: 60secondAssasin

5 years ago#2
yes a 680 will do that.
"There is nothing new under EA." - Fony

User Info: iscareu13

5 years ago#3
SLI 460s can't do that?

User Info: SoldierXCell

5 years ago#4
Basically as far as nvidia goes, The (minimum) card that can max any PC game is a Evga superclocked geforce gtx 480, i have a friend that has had this card for 3 years and he still wont part with it, so anything above a 480 will max anything, also a gtx 560 Ti 448 cores edition is a standard for maxing games as well
AMD PhenomIIx6 1045t @ 3.0GHZ, 8GB Mushkin Enhanced Blackline, XFX Radeon 5770

User Info: anaismonse

5 years ago#5
My 460s run it about 60fps on all high but no aa
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