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Rosewill RK-9000 (blues, reds, blacks) for $69 shipped / browns for $94 shipped

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User Info: chastize

5 years ago#11
The red rosewills are sick I bought one of them and a steelseries 6gv2 and ended up give the steelseries to my brother. I highly recommend the rosewill.

User Info: ein311

5 years ago#12
I'm typing on a Rosewill with Reds right now. Great keyboard. I did have to RMA it because of a squeaky spacebar, but the process of getting an RMA# took about 30 minutes through email correspondence and Newegg provided a return shipping label.
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User Info: ygfbv

5 years ago#13
From: unsolidsnake | #008
From: x_stevey_x | #007
unsolidsnake posted...
Look at the reviews on those pieces of garbage. I almost jumped on the one with reds just to have a mechanical kb but the reviews are horrid.


No, seriously. At least go into the one with the reds and actually LOOK at the reviews. I know it has a 4 egg rating, but the 10 most recent reviews are all 1 egg. Thats as far as I got. if that many people got bad kb's out of the box I'm out.

I own an RK-9000 - it's a rebadged Filco. Solid mechanical keyboard, not the best, but by no means the worst. Well worth $65.

User Info: TheDrizzuh

5 years ago#14
I just ordered one on impulse, time to see if all the hype about mechanical keyboards is true.
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User Info: r0ge00

5 years ago#15
Also, did they really jack up the price? I got mine ordered pretty early yesterday for $63.99.
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