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How Are The Splinter Cell Games..

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

5 years ago#1
On PC? I hear the HD collections for PS3 aren't so good (bugs etc). Just wondering if the PC has any issues like tough controls, Windows 7 errors etc. I've never played a single SC game so I'm just thinking about it.
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User Info: MI2Dragon

5 years ago#2
I have not played Conviction yet but would still recommend Chaos Theory and Double Agent.

User Info: Raiden01

5 years ago#3
i think they were good at the time, but right now arent very good. i would not reccomend chaos theory or double agent

User Info: godplaysSNES

5 years ago#4
Don't know about the compatibility, but they are identical to the Xbox versions...For me Chaos Theory worked on Vista 64 SP2, though I think I had to get the latest patch

If you end up liking them, I strongly suggest you to get Double Agent for the Xbox 1 as well, it's totally different from the PC/360 version
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User Info: kingoffps

5 years ago#5
Basically the first two games (Splinter Cell and SC: Pandora Tomorrow) are pretty much the same gameplay wise, both are fairly difficult and trial-and-error based.

SC: Chaos Theory perfected the formula of the first two, has less trial-and-error, and is a damn good game. The ultimate "classic" Splinter Cell experience.

SC: Double Agent is two games, the 6th generation version (Xbox, PS2, GC, Wii) and the 7th generation version (360, PS3, PC...). The 6th generation version is the same gameplay style as Chaos Theory pretty much, and is fairly good. The 7th generation version mixed things up quite a lot and is where the series started to change significantly.

The 7th generation version runs poorly on PCs.

SC: Conviction is pretty much a different genre, but is very good. It is nothing like the previous games though and is more of an aggressive stealth rather than the cautious style of the previous games.

SC: Blacklist (announced 2 days ago) is another game in the style of Conviction, and is out next year I think.

The best one imo is Chaos Theory for classic stealth, followed by Conviction for a bit more action.
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User Info: MasterTurtle

5 years ago#6
First game is kinda blah, Chaos Theory is a definite improvement. Haven't played the others.
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User Info: Billy_Bob_Joe

5 years ago#7
Chaos Theory is a fantastic stealth game. Double Agent has some promise but its levels aren't as good as Chaos Theory and halfway through the game you'll start running into a LOT of bugs (including a level which will crash if you try to load saves, and a level which doesn't have any directional lightsource, so you're playing in fullbright!). Conviction is basically about pressing a button to see a cool cutscene of your character killing everyone. If you want to play Conviction, I hope you're not interested in non-lethal playthroughs.
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User Info: Mhunter04

5 years ago#8
Chaos Theory nuff said.

Conviction is more action and hide behind cover oriented action game rather than stealth. It's ok but really didn't enjoyed it compared with past SC games. They literally turned Sam into a super velociraptor and the fact just how easily you can stalk and take down down your enemies.

User Info: EpicKingdom_

5 years ago#9
Is it bad to start at any random place?
(would I be lost within the SC universe, storylines etc).
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User Info: Goldninja

5 years ago#10
Not really. Starting with Chaos Theory, you won't miss much. Double Agent has some story aspects that affect Sam on an emotional level, which makes him how he is in Conviction, but other than that, the games are mostly self contained.

I liked Conviction, but I found it kind of funny that it's more difficult to stealth your way through that game than it is to just shoot your way through. Try to shoot your way through in any of the previous games and you're swiss cheese.

EDIT: Well, actually, the story in Conviction would be a bit better if you played CT and DA first (especially DA), but it's not a bit deal.
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