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What output is better/do you use

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User Info: MaxP188

5 years ago#1
Just wondering what is better and what you all use. I have dvi, vga and HDMI.

I think I like dvi better.

I do have some questions though

I run everything through my 1080P TV Is this bad on the video card in the PC or does it run off the TV power? I get a good solid 30 fps through HDMI but Im not sure if it still works off my card, or put stree on it.

DVI I get 40-50 on 1366 ×768

What do you all like.

User Info: NicoC96

5 years ago#2
The industries need to form a standard. I vote Display Port.

User Info: Gamerlicious

5 years ago#3
HDMI and DVI are identical quality. VGA is older/analog.
Anyway, the resolution does make the video card work a little harder, but 30 FPS is acceptable. I'd rather play at the proper resolution even if it means losing a few FPS as long as you're staying above 30.
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User Info: Shub

5 years ago#4
Having your PC connected to your TV causes no stress on the video card whatsoever.
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User Info: r7gerrabbit

5 years ago#5
DVI/HDMI are pretty much exactly the same. A lot of companies are phasing out DVI because it's redundant.

VGA is inferior to both.

User Info: VenomSnake

5 years ago#6
DVI and HDMI are literally exactly the same, with the exception that HDMI has the ability to carry audio and LAN. But for display only purposes, there is absolutely no difference in video quality. VGA is of course analog, and generally lower quality, especially if you use a long cable or very high resolutions.
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User Info: mx3orange

5 years ago#7
My DVI to HDMI cable carries audio
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