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Windows 8, initial thoughts

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User Info: Emonquente

5 years ago#1
So the apps need work, a lot of them aren't really stable yet, and the navigation is so different a lot of old die-hards won't like it .. but then, there are still brilliant people out there who claim XP is better than any other OS out there (and that is just. . .so beyond wrong).

On the purely technical side of things, improvement is marginal at best thus far, though the storage spaces/pools system is absolutely brilliant and finally does away with the nightmare that is RAID . . .but to be honest what we're looking at here is the 'ease of use' and visual appeal competition with Mac OSX -- and on that mark? Windows 8 has really made an improvement.

As for the inter-connectivity side of things? You know, the thing that made Mac what it is today? The simple act of opening an App store put them nearly on par, and the mail, messaging, and people apps that come with it -- while currently buggy, allow total connectivity that outlook only pretended it could do. Top that with a 25gb skydrive from the live account you get with MS and I can see this going really well.

Knowing people, as they are, I cannot see this being a hugely successful desktop OS . . . gamers will likely stick to Windows 7 like they did to XP for years to come, but I CAN see the tablet market getting opened up by this, and the Laptop-tablet hybrid becoming an actual thing, a representative portion of the market. And I can't help but think this 'Ultra-Book' concept was the goal all along.

That said, as a OS fanatic, someone who has used just about all of the major ones available, and someone who very much enjoys setting every little detail of the thing to his own liking? There is no weakness to Windows 8 on that score (in comparative terms), it literally has Windows 7 built into it, and where we go in aesthetics doesn't stand in the way of the old guard insofar as control. To be frank, if the new UI prevents you from accessing the old power-user tools. . .then you never were one to begin with, because they're all still here -- and there are several new ones to boot.

Windows decided to emulate the app style computing, but they didn't remove the old format -- and frankly, I find that to be a more likely weakness than any of the new things. Windows demands total legacy operation, and it has always had it (except Vista, and that is why the OS tanked) this is the strength of Windows as an OS in many ways -- no matter what it is you're trying to do, if you know enough then it can be done -- on the flip-side the knowledge required to make most things work is much higher, the entry threshold to Windows has been a preventative and limiting factor for years and is exactly why their portable OSes tanked. This new easy operability is more complicated than it seems, and I wonder how it will look to the lowest common denominator in the audience. Just what it looks like to someone who knows nothing about computers. I should think that some of the obvious limitations in that area will be gone by the time the OS is released -- but I wonder what I may not be seeing there.
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User Info: Emonquente

5 years ago#2
Here's my basic thoughts of what to think of Windows 8 when it releases based on user-type.

For Devs: I think you'll really like what you see here, especially with the app store and development that has come 'round. Low budget projects just got a bit easier.

For Gamers: Hit and miss, your games will all work, but you may not like the changes or know how to adjust

Former Mac users: I think you might really like this, it may even be an improvement

Armchair coders: When have you ever liked something new, other than Linux shells?

Media-Users: Especially those with an Xbox, I think you'll really benefit here, windows 7 wasn't so easy to do the cross-platform media with.

Laptop/non-ipad tablet users: When they come out, get your ultra books, and go for something that converts to a tablet by laying down the screen (and absolutely having it be touch screen). I really think this is going to work really well.

Ipad Users: If you have ever wished your iPad could do . . .more. . . then I really think this OS will put out tablets that can give you your fix.

MacBook users: Meh. . .you're probably better off with the MacBook for now, the initial release just isn't going to be as stable or as functional as the MacBook, and what's more . .won't be able to advantage the hardware as well (thus won't be quite as fast).

MacBook AND iPad users: If you've got both of these things, the convertible ultrabooks are going to basically be both anyway, it just makes more sense to buy one thing for both purposes doesn't it?

As for the general Desktop owning populace that just users their desktops for internet and facebook? Dude. . .get a tablet/ultrabook/iPad/​something portable. It's 2012 for crying out loud.

Oh, and you server people? I can't make an educated statement on that right now, but I think the Storage Pool is going to make a lot of lives easier if the server tools are sufficient, BUT Windows will never be as secure as Linux, because Linux has so few end-users nobody really has the equipment to mess with it :P.
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User Info: Emonquente

5 years ago#3
As for IE 10? I don't honestly understand a lot of the technical stuff that has changed, but just give it a use (particularly through the start page rather than the desktop) and I think you'll find IE has finally come back into the running as a stable, quick, attractive browser that just -works-.

I'll still be keeping Firefox for a few things, but I think Google Chrome just got edged out as the layman's browser. and to be quite honest, I never did like Safari or Opera.

That said, it's really buggy right now, so this is aimed at 'when it releases' more than right now.

Speaking of Google. . .give Bing an honest chance, I think someone may have finally sorted out a better search engine at last. I remember Bing from their launch and I wasn't impressed. . .and I still find their layout a bit . . . cluttered I think. . .but I'm really impressed with the image search and auto-translate functionality in comparison to Google now.
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User Info: VenomSnake

5 years ago#4
Well said.
Eric (formerly er51 & er51 is back)
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