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SteelSeries periphs

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User Info: Szymaa

5 years ago#1
I saw the other day that SteelSeries will be coming out with Guild Wars 2 branded peripherals, and I may need some of them.

My question is, is SteelSeries stuff generally good? How does it compare with other brands like Razer? (Yes I know, lolrazer)
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

5 years ago#2
Build in hardware-level mouse-acceleration used as a selling feature.
mmarkster posted...
Even though the game runs in 720p, it produces another 480p stream for the New Controller. That's like 1200p!

User Info: thaandiesel

5 years ago#3
^ that is a.....interesting selling point, and here i am spending all the time to disable mouse accel hehe
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

5 years ago#4
Puts steelseries on my avoid list.
mmarkster posted...
Even though the game runs in 720p, it produces another 480p stream for the New Controller. That's like 1200p!

User Info: youngfossil

5 years ago#5
Their headsets are really good. Mice... i dunno
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User Info: thanthen

5 years ago#6
my diablo 3 mouse is a beast
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User Info: mx3orange

5 years ago#7
Good mousepad, dunno about mice
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User Info: N64_Rules_88

5 years ago#8
From what I own their mousepads and headsets are really nice. Haven't tried the mice myself but my friend uses a XAI and seems to like it.
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5 years ago#9
It is generally good. But it makes no sense to just go by brand name. You should try and get info on the separate products.

Also realize that it is just branding, nothing else. So while the mouse may be branded GW2, there may be a lot of other mice out there that are actually more suitable for the game, given the fact that this game has more active keybinds from the getgo then most other MMO's (10 basic action bar skills, 4 professions skills, weapon swaps etc running past 15 or so) many would feel like a few extra buttons are more suitable. Not necessary, but if you were to buy s mouse for the game...

What I'm trying to say is buy them if the design appeals to you and you like the peripherals, not just because of the branding.
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User Info: Crimson_Jesus

5 years ago#10
I have a steelseries headset and mouse pad, both great. I have no idea about their other stuff.
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