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Some reccomended add ons for Chrome?

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User Info: shaboska

5 years ago#1
Theres sumthin called stealth on mozilla, is that on chrome too? anything similar. thanks

User Info: shaboska

5 years ago#2

User Info: __Crazy__

5 years ago#3
I really should just save this list to a text file...

These are the add-ons that I recommend:

Adblock Plus Development Builds:
From my experience, this works just as well as Adblock Plus for Firefox. You'll need to enable "Experiemental Extension APIs" in chrome://flags/ to use this extension.

Great for saving pages to read later on Pocket (if you use Pocket).

Better History:
Replaces the default history page with a much improved one that still keeps the same look.

Fauxbar Lite:
Basically it's a custom search engine that acts exactly like the Location Bar in Firefox. I mainly just use it for searching my history with the Omnibox.

Improves GameFAQs.

Hover Zoom:
Displays an image when you hover over the link to the image with your cursor.

Web of Trust:
Displays a rating of a site's trustworthiness beside links and the Omnibox.
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