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ASUS monitors?

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User Info: Solidusword

5 years ago#1
Hey guys,

Been doing lots of research for my very first PC build. Getting down to the wire here and now looking at monitors. I use an ASUS at work (pretty sure it's this one) :

Or something VERY similar. What are the things to look for in a monitor? I know I would like around that size, 21-24" screen.

Otherwise, if anyone wants to take a look, here's what I have for my build.

Processor: Intel i5 - 3570 $189.99
Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Pro4 1155 ATX $69.99
RAM: Corsair 8GB (the Blue ones) D3 1600DIM C9 <- don't know if you need that info
HDD: Seagate, 1 TB 3.5 SATA 7200RPM
Case: Thermaltech V3 black $35.00
Disc Drive: is 16.99. Nothing special.
Video: EVGA GTX560 1 GB $199.99
OS: Windows $99.99
(b^_^)b Snake
"A strong man doesn't need to read the future. He makes his own."

User Info: DiehardFFv2

5 years ago#2
Looks solid. I have this model:

and I love it. There's a bit of backlight bleeding, but it's nothing that is too obnoxious and could very well just be my individual panel.
i5 3570k @4.2 GHz / Asrock Z77 Extreme4 / 8GB G.Skill Sniper 1866 / MSI GTX 560 / Corsair Force GT 120GB / Seagate Barracuda 2TB
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