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Recommend me an a small laptop for ~$400

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User Info: dareme

5 years ago#1
Well I've given up the hunt for a gaming laptop to take to uni with me since Pretty much all of the decent ones are enormous bricks. Instead I'm gonna be building a mini itx system with an i5 3550 and a gtx 670. Anyways, I still need a laptop for web browsing and note taking. What I need:

Decent processor (an i3 will do or maybe one of AMDs better CPUs)
Slim + lightweight
Good build quality

Those are basically my only requirements, thanks for any suggestions!

Edit: screen size 11" - 13"

User Info: r0ge00

5 years ago#2
If by slim and lightweight, you mean standard 14" or 15" size, there's plenty of options out there for ~$350-$400. I'd look for an Asus or Lenovo personally.
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