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What DPI do you use?

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User Info: Pruvmerong

5 years ago#31
GIGABYTE P55M-UD2 | Intel i5 750 | G.SKILL 4GB DDR3 1600 | Sapphire HD 6850 | WD Caviar Black | OCZ FATAL1TY 550W

User Info: Rarehunter_idol

5 years ago#32
I use 1600.
All Night And Everyday, I'm In A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Reborn, Unable To Die, I've Committed 100 Suicides.

User Info: SmoboHash

5 years ago#33
3500, 1800 in console ports with minimum sensitivity that's still too high.

User Info: Skul_

5 years ago#34
No idea. How do i find out? (Do i just figure it out from my rezolution?)
Official Head of the Department of Education for the NDF.

User Info: TrueKu

5 years ago#35

i bought other mouses but they were designed by imbeciles.
Just to see what happens.
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