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How is the Kindle Fire?

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User Info: GM_

5 years ago#1
I know it's not a tablet but it does have all the features of one. How does it fare as being used as one if you're on a budget of $200? I went to try a demo unit out yesterday but all of their units for everything were dead. =|
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User Info: lilj812

5 years ago#2
I owned a Kindle Fire for a long time.. and I can only say... it's not worth it unless you hack it, and even then it's not really worth it.

Try craigslist and get it cheap if you must.
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User Info: Hunter_mk

5 years ago#3
if you want a good tablet, buy an Ipad2, I'm not a blind mac fanboy, but overall I think is pretty fast
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User Info: Orestes417

5 years ago#4
If you want a cheap tablet you're better off with the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. The Fire's basically just a media consumption terminal for Amazon
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User Info: davidaaronk

5 years ago#5
Get a nook color and put android on it. At that price point the nook color is probably the best tablet on the market.
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User Info: Icecreamdunwich

5 years ago#7
Rumor is that the Kindle is about to be dropped in price because of an upgrade, so you should wait if you want one.
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User Info: dry1ce

5 years ago#8
From: Icecreamdunwich | #007
Rumor is that the Kindle is about to be dropped in price because of an upgrade, so you should wait if you want one.

Yeah, it might drop down to $150. Only buy it if you plan to root it and install a custom ROM.

Google is also planning on releasing a 7" Nexus tablet, so just wait till tomorrow for their announcement.
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User Info: htoole21

5 years ago#9
I bought a fire for 80 bucks off craiglist pratically new, and with a otterbox.

I hacked it and it is worth it unless you expect to much.

I really only needed something to browse the web with in the living room and to read my digital comics on.

But with it hacked I have alot on it.


Not my video but I have all that... and it took 2 hours, not 12.
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User Info: HaRi KaRi

HaRi KaRi
5 years ago#10
Root the Kindle Fire. Put a custom rom on it.
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