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SSD operating temp?

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User Info: Pioldes

5 years ago#1
Hi, I've bought an SSD during a sale on NCIX, and I want to be sure not to do something stupid. My plan is to install my SSD and then format my computer (it's been a while) to put windows on the SSD. Thing is, it says on the box that the operating temp of the SSD is from 0C to 55C. Now, my GPU is idling at 57C on average. I know that my GPU temp is not the whole computer temp, but it's enough to make me worry a bit for the SSD. What software could I use to monitor the average temperature inside my case?

Alternatively, any ideas on a cheap way to have better cooling with my case?

I know, it's way too small for the 6970, but I was thinking of maybe having a case fan or something. It's all stock fans.
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User Info: kidersx

5 years ago#2
Which case is that?
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User Info: wizardmon

5 years ago#3
You could get a real CPU cooler that blows air out the back of the case rather than just moving air around inside of the case aimlessly.

lol stock amd cooling.
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User Info: Danaj528

5 years ago#4
Honestly theres not going to be too much you can do with such a small case. the biggest factor is going to be the location you have your computer at.

make sure its in an open area where it can get plenty of air moving around

also, make sure you have a good current of air going through the computer. dont make it into a hotbox by turning all the fans to blow air inside.

even when i installed all my fans properly and installed a solid cpu heatsink/fan. i only saw about a 5 degree celcius improvement.

the limitations on fans
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