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Any way to make a program "ignore" a certain key press?

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  3. Any way to make a program "ignore" a certain key press?

User Info: smiledk

5 years ago#1
I use CTRL as my push to talk keybind for various VOIP programs. I like it, except in some games CTRL doesn't do anything, but pressing it kills character movement, which is obnoxious. In these games I can disable any keybind relating to CTRL, but it never makes a difference.

I'm trying to figure out a way to make specific programs ignore input from a key. I have a Razer Lycosa keyboard, and I've been wracking my brain with the macro and profile capabilities, but I haven't been able to figure anything out. I can disable a key outright, but that doesn't really help.

Anyone know if it's possible to do? Either with some third party software or some built in utility with Windows 7?

User Info: TrueKu

5 years ago#2
Is changing your push to talk button to a different button or to a combination not an option?
Just to see what happens.

User Info: smiledk

5 years ago#3
Not really. No other key is comfortable for me, or it's used by something in the games I play. It's also been my push to talk key for years. If I'm on the phone at the computer and I say something I hit control out of instinct.

User Info: TheWhoFan

5 years ago#4
You could try remapping another key to the position of your Control key and your Control key to that of the other key. In other words, if you press Control, you'd be telling your PC you're pressing "E" instead, and the other way round. You would only have to remap your Press to Talk key to "E" that way. KeyTweak can do this for you.

Or you could remap your crouch key in every game you play to something else than Control.

Or learn to press another key to talk. Seriously, muscle memory may kick in a few times, but you'll be getting it right in no time.

User Info: Rolen74

5 years ago#5
Instal Autohotkey

Then bind your talk key to some other key. For this example, I'll use the key "P"

Then write a AutoHotKey script like this:

Send P

Now everytime you press Left Ctrl it actually sends the letter P, and if your letter P is binded to VOIP then it should trigger it (I think).
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  3. Any way to make a program "ignore" a certain key press?

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