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Steam not allowing you to resell used games in the EU could be illegal

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User Info: godplaysSNES

5 years ago#71
Eclypse9810 posted...
Why would ANYONE at all buy a new copy over a used copy in DD?

This is the problem, there is no reason. You get everything that a new copy gets, with no wear on it at all.

Because if you want a used copy, you must first search for a seller, and then agree about the price. And as always when you buy a used copy, people want to save a significant amount of money compared to if they were to buy it new.

Anything that's used immediately loses in value. A "new" car loses in value directly the moment you sign the contract and drive away.
Even if you have a new copy of a game, still with the plastic on it, no one is prepared to give you the same price as what it goes for in the store
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User Info: Typhus665

5 years ago#72
DahlVaughnni posted...
Why would anyone WANT to make an attack against steam like this anyway? They do so much for us, give us RIDICULOUS deals, even sometimes make things totally free (I was able to get portal 1 and borderlands GOTY completely free because of steam).

If something like this passes, they are just going to think their customer base is full of ungrateful turds and stop giving us these deals. This is one of the ONLY reputable companies out there. You guys hate Gamestop so much? Bringing down steam like this is only going to make Gamestop stronger. We finally get ONE good service in the gaming industry and people tear it down.

It's no wonder all these companies want to take a crap on us at every turn. Look how we treat an actual good company when they come along.

Valve isn't your friend. They're a corporate business whose main goal is to make money. They don't have sales because they're "nice", they have sales because they know it's a good way to keep customers happy and convince them to buy from them again.

Seriously, you're attitude towards Valve is the same type of attitude that allows corporations to walk all over their customers.
The cranky hermit 5 years ago#73
Why would ANYONE at all buy a new copy over a used copy in DD?

Because the supply of used copies is finite. If more people want a used copy than there are used copies ready to be sold, then they'll either have to wait, or buy a new copy. And the more people choose to wait, the longer they'll be waiting, on average.

That said, I don't see any good way to enforce first sale doctrine on DD goods. I also don't know if it's economically sustainable. With physical goods, even video games, the logistics of acquiring a used copy put a practical limit on how many people can play a single purchased copy of a game. With DD, the only limiting factor is how fast each player gets bored of it. WAY more people would play a single copy of a game, and prices would very likely have to go up. Possibly way up. Imagine paying $600 for a new copy, which was plausible because used copy demands were so high you could easily resell it for $540, which could then be sold for $480, and so on.
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User Info: PeteZaHutx

5 years ago#74
how would this work for steam?
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  3. Steam not allowing you to resell used games in the EU could be illegal

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