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10gig of unknown data?

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User Info: doe3879

5 years ago#1
I understand that the actual disk size is -10% of whatever advertised.
Trying to make more free space on my 120Gb SSD, I realize that the usage detail is different from the drive's property and the combine file size of all the folder.

When I right click > property the SSD: it say 84.7GB used, and 27GB free
Highlight everything within the drive : it say "size: 47.2GB, Size on disk: 74.6GB)
I selected all the files including hidden folders.

is that normal?
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User Info: gastaman

5 years ago#2

Also, if you are trying to free up space, have you disabled hibernate and reduced/disabled your page file? Those two alone, for me, freed up 22 GB (edit: or it could have been 21 GB) of space.
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User Info: LordSeifer

5 years ago#3
hidden files etc
^ this
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