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Is Star Wars: Empire at War fun?

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User Info: Angurvadal

5 years ago#1
I recently had it recommended when I mentioned I enjoyed Star Wars Rebellion; the person who recommended it had never played it, but said he heard it was like a more modern update to that game.

Is it a fun game? I'm thinking of picking it up on Steam.
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User Info: Davel23

5 years ago#2
There are some similarities to Rebellion, but Rebellion was a terrible game while EaW is pretty good. I recommend it.
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User Info: 2Cold_Scorpio

5 years ago#3
It pretty much is a Star Wars Age of Empires 3. That isn't a bad thing. :)
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User Info: chuchumyrocket

5 years ago#4
Its fun. Worth a purchase.
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User Info: KidInTheHall

5 years ago#5
I really enjoy Empires At War, the cinematic camera is really awesome. I love playing the computer, setting up a ig army of ships and fighters and just sitting back and watching it all go down the cinematic camera.

Can't wait to get the rest of my PC, my XPS died last month and right now I'm stuck with a weak Toshiba satellite.
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User Info: Null_Fighter

5 years ago#6
Not really, as you'll spend hours/days/weeks trying to balance against your fleets so the starbases can last against modded large fleets without any real success. All for the point of allowing large fleet to fleet engagements.
You'll either end up making them near immortal, or way to easy to explode, ending the skirmish.

Its far easier to have more starwarys ships In Rebellion where there are no annoying starbases that control the outcome.
The base unmodded game itself is quite boring very unrealistic stats for most the ships. It does have ground combat to but its nothing special, so much so I'd say ground combat in FORCE COMMANDER is better unmodded.
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User Info: Lwaxana_Troi

5 years ago#7
It's not too similar to Rebellion, but it's a fun game.

Not nearly as good as SW: Rebellion though. That's probably the best strategy game on PC imo.
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