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playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time...

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User Info: blablablax17

5 years ago#1
for the first time on pc anyways, i got like a quarter way through on 360 though lol

i just barely passed the mage origin, and damn, this feels like a completely new game
im going for a mage build this time

any pc master race tips?
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User Info: steepcircle

5 years ago#2
If you want a really easy time with a mage warden, get fireball, and heal. My first playthrough was on nightmare and a couple of fireballs was enough to take out the majority of fights in the game, or at least thin out the herd and make the rest of the fight much easier.

Just bear in mind something I didn't know on my first playthrough; dragons are immune to fire, so be sure to get another elemental nuke if you want to do more than that non-elemental spell you start with (forgot the name of it).

This is all assuming you want to be a nuking mage though. I messed with the entropy spells but fights rarely last long enough for the debuffs to be useful IMHO.

You said you've played a bit before, so if you ever read anything about how 'overpowered' a mage can be in this game, it's completely 100% true. You don't really need to min/max with a mage, most builds are quite potent. Really though, if a spells sounds interesting to you, try it out, I've done multiple playthroughs with mages of all different types, most of the time you'll be quite potent no matter what spells you pick, I would just suggest at least getting a couple of the elemental nukes and heal at the very least.
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User Info: someguyshand

5 years ago#3
Experiment with spells to learn combos as they are devastating.

Grease + Fireball (or any other fire spell on an enemy in the greased area)
Walking Bomb + Virulent Walking Bomb
Sleep + Horror
Forcefield + Crushing Prison

Those are a few.

You'll need a tank or Mind Blast as mages can draw aggro very fast.
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User Info: Lord Hamm

Lord Hamm
5 years ago#4
It is a different game.....
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User Info: SefcaBlight

5 years ago#5
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