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Looking for a good art pad....

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User Info: SamusFarron

5 years ago#1
Something with a nice and comfortable pen, a smooth and quality surface, full compatibility with Gimp and Photoshop, and some nice general features.

Money isn't the biggest concern here, but I am not some master artist - I'd rather not be pointed to the most expensive and badass one on the market right off the bat, as I'm sure it costs a small fortune.

User Info: Pfantzypantz_

5 years ago#2
Intuous 4 medium'll do ya good. It's pretty cheap now with the 5th iteration out, and there wasn't much improvement from 4 to 5.

User Info: 60secondAssasin

5 years ago#3
I second the intous 4.
"There is nothing new under EA." - Fony
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