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How's Dayz? Looks extremely interesting and unique

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User Info: Shub

5 years ago#11
From: DoomIntern | #010
First how would a stand alone game be possible? Wouldn't they have to create a new game a part from ArmA II? That would take forever. This is just a mod.

They could just license the Real Virtuality engine from Bohemia Interactive and just build DayZ on top as a standalone experience. That's a lot simpler than creating a whole new game, but licensing the engine will cost money, so they will need to sell the new product, and it will need to sell well in order to recoup that cost. And perhaps all the people who bought Arma 2 just to play DayZ might not be happy about having to buy a brand new game.
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User Info: scribs18

5 years ago#12
Bought ARMA II and OA just for Dayz 2 days ago. Up until last night,I had died a bit and loot was trash. Then I found a barn. I've never wanted to hug a barn as much as I did last night.

User Info: HaxnStash

5 years ago#13
I would have really gotten Arma II for Dayz if it weren't for the perma death thing. I don't know what they could have done instead but, it's just not fun for me knowing I'd lose everything I did once my character dies.

User Info: SmoboHash

5 years ago#14
I'm going to try the game again, but I'll get bored quickly if I don't find a building or something that actually opens this time.

User Info: boochy

5 years ago#15
I just picked it up 2 days ago, and have finally been able to play this morning. Arma2 just released a patch which caused the DayZ stuff to break.

In my hour or so actually in game, I spent it dieing about 5 times from zombies. I have never played Arma or Arma 2, so I'm still learning the controls.

Seems like once they get the servers back running smoothly, it will be fun.
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User Info: TheJCBand

5 years ago#16
DayZ is my dream game. The only problem is that people just shoot you on sight instead of trying to form alliances. Having a friend to play with partially solves this problem.
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User Info: beatlessbobby

5 years ago#17
I think its dreadfully boring

Too much time to gather loot,

zombie combat is boring. you either kite zombies into a building and murder them as they slowly march into your death funnels or attempt to head shot stuttering, laggy AI.

The PVP concept is poor IMO because too often are you shot and have no idea why you died and could have done little to prevent it except play very safe and crawl around or something.

My friends loves it, but to me it is a repetitive experience that I do not enjoy.

+bugs and lag suck
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User Info: SmoboHash

5 years ago#18
Posted 7/10/2012 12:34:59 PM

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