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what do u guys think?

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User Info: HydroCannabinol

5 years ago#1
8gig RAM witha the new bulldozer lineups or 4gig RAM witha the old sandbridge.

im not thinking correct witch better performance applications wise¿

many thank me scusey english not first language
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User Info: MaestroSSX

5 years ago#2
Anything but the bulldozers.

I would suggest a core 2 before I suggest a bulldozer, use 8 GB, i5 2500k (for stable overclocks, if you don't care about overclocks, the 3550 is fine)
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User Info: EvilGiygas

5 years ago#3
4GBs of ram with Sandybridge. 4 GBS of RAM is more than enough and it's super cheap anyways. <$30 will upgrade you to 8 GBs if you wanted.
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