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Should i get revelations now?

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User Info: PeteZaHutx

5 years ago#1
I wanted to wait to get it but that deal is tempting!

User Info: Aebleskiver

5 years ago#2
It's not getting any cheaper until Christmas probably.

User Info: Ben_Shinobi

5 years ago#3
I don't really see it getting much cheaper than that, at least not until AC3 comes out, so...sure?
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User Info: NinjaOps

5 years ago#4
i;m also thinking of getting it now, i want the previous AC's to get a good deal!

User Info: lazycomplife

5 years ago#5
I think it will probably go on sale again in october when AC3 comes out. Hopefully the whole $50 pack drops to $25, then I will finally pick up the series.

User Info: HaxnStash

5 years ago#6
I plan on not getting it yet. I have yet to finish AC2 and get Brotherhood. With the games I wanna buy during this sale and not having finished the prequel games, I have a feeling I won't be playing Revelations for a very long time so I'm going to wait until the next sale and hopefully, it will be so much cheaper then.
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  3. Should i get revelations now?

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