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Two Worlds 2 or Arkham City?

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User Info: Lwaxana_Troi

5 years ago#1
I have $10 left in my Steam wallet and wanna spend it. Both these games look interesting.
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User Info: KidInTheHall

5 years ago#2
Arkham City.
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User Info: rpgfayth

5 years ago#3
Hands down to Arkham City. Two worlds 2 is not worth your money.
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User Info: Angurvadal

5 years ago#4
Two Worlds 2.

I liked it better than even Skyrim.

AC is good but it isn't really a must play in my opinion.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

5 years ago#5
I liked Arkham City. If you enjoyed Arkham Asylum, you'll like Arkham City.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

5 years ago#6
Apple or oranges? Both are great fruits but fulfill a different taste.

TW2 is a decent rpg with about 40 hours of content
AC is a great action game with about 30 hours of content
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User Info: Lwaxana_Troi

5 years ago#7
Thanks for the replies. Guess I'm getting Two Worlds 2 since Arkham City sale ended... didn't realize it was almost over.
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
5 years ago#8
You made the right choice.

TW 2 is a great RPG, that has everything going for it, except hype.
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User Info: SnipeStar

5 years ago#9
batman by a landslide
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User Info: therickmu25

5 years ago#10
If you never played Arkam Asylum then you're going to be shocked how good these batman games are.
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