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Dungeon Siege Collection worth grabbing?

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User Info: RenegadeDrow

5 years ago#1
I'm a massive fan of this kind of Dungeons and Dragons playstyle and I swear to god that Dungeon Siege 1 was what got me into D&D and is up there as one of my favourite games of all time, has that game held up at all through time?

I hate Dungeon Siege 2.

How is Dungeon Siege 3? I've only played the demo and it seemed pretty poor. Is the co-op viable?

Thanks guys!
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User Info: darkelfkiller

5 years ago#2
DS was terribad. Not sure about the others. Save your money imo.
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User Info: spardasieg

5 years ago#3
No, the first two don't even come with expansions or online apparently and the 3rd is well yeah.... not loved by fans of the series.
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User Info: KulaXDiamond

5 years ago#4
No, the games suck.
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User Info: SolaceIX

5 years ago#5
Dungeon Siege 1 is one of my all time favorites. Plus there is a custom launch option that allows lan play. Just use Tunngle or something similar.

DS3 is good. If only weren't called Dungeon Siege. DS2 I haven't honestly put a lot of time into. Though it seems to be pretty awesome. DS2 however does not allow online play period.
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User Info: KutKuSlayer

5 years ago#6
i would only recommend DS1, and even then it doesn't come with the LOA expansion.

i would advise trying to find a physical copy (i have one that doesn't work on Vista due to DRM compatability issues, but apparently Win7 runs it fine) of DS:LOA, it includes DS1 and the expansion.
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User Info: Mwulf

5 years ago#7
What, seriously? I liked DS2. More than DS1, actually. Since the bundle is the only way to get those two games, I say buy the bundle. Definitely worth it. The third game does suck, though.
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