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Should I bother getting the original Assassin's Creed?

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User Info: Flame_Hazard

5 years ago#1
I'm reaching the end of the line on sales funds (not really, but I'd rather not end the sale completely broke.). I've played AC2, AC:B, and just bought AC:R. I never played the original. Is it good enough? I'm going to buy either that, or the Crysis/Crysis Warhead pack (the one without Crysis 2).
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User Info: Dragnfyr

5 years ago#2
The Crysis pack will be better.
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User Info: Rarehunter_idol

5 years ago#3
Crysis pack. I finished Assassin's Creed and liked it, but it is very repetitive.
Personally i can play many games that people moan about due to repetition and not get bothered at all. With AC, i needed a couple months break before i felt recharged to beat it.

Worst in the series.
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User Info: Grischnak

5 years ago#4
AC2 was a huge step forward. AC1 would seem really rough around the edges if you go back and play it after playing the Ezio games.
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