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Vampire worth it?

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User Info: lightpeak

5 years ago#11
Bloody yes worth it!

User Info: Tjmaximus

5 years ago#12
King_of_Goats posted...
So both Witcher games would probably be considered more sexual then...?

Depends what you consider sexual.

If you think nudity and slapped together sex scenes are sexual... this has no nudity. All this really has is one (two if you finish a quest a specific way) implied sex scene at the start and flirting.

If you consider cleavage and bouncy boobs sexual, it has that and you are silly.

Edit: There is a strip club where the girls have tape over their nipples, I guess that's sexual. It isn't a big part or anything, only two or three quests involve going there.

User Info: MieLanme

5 years ago#13
What's great with VTM is how the clan (kinda like vampire races) you pick really matters outside of statistics and aesthetics.

You haven't played VTM until you go through it with Brujah/Toreador/Tremere/Ventrue, Nosferatu and Malkavian, in that order.

Nosferatu has quite a different feel to it because you're all disgusting and can't be seen by humans. Playing Malkavian is like playing a perpetually high vampire. It's amazing, and amazingly funny.

I wasn't actually expecting to enjoy it but I played through three times and loved every second of it. Get the fan patch.

User Info: Zerol09

5 years ago#14
LoL Vampire: TMB, sexual?

The most you will see is some cleverage here and there and a supposedly after "action" scene at the start of the game that barely even show or tell anything. Also according to the World of Darkness lore which this game is based strictly of, Vampire don't do sex in a sense they can somehow just for show but are not desired into it whatsoever compared with human beings.

User Info: PeteZaHutx

5 years ago#15
lightpeak posted...
Bloody yes worth it!
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