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Anyone have experience with this monitor?

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User Info: DemosKonrad

5 years ago#1

It was on sale a couple weeks ago, I got it for $175 down from $230.00. The reviews are pretty stellar online. I've never had a flat screen monitor so this will be my first, I'm expecting great things. I haven't hooked it up as my computer has not arrived yet, but it looks huge! I can't imagine having anything bigger than that, yet they sell them bigger.. that's nutso.

Is ASUS a pretty reliable brand?
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User Info: VenomSnake

5 years ago#2
I've never used that particular one, but generally Asus makes pretty nice monitors that are pretty reliable.
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User Info: ab2c4

5 years ago#3
We use a bunch of the Asus monitors at work, not that particular model, but they all have been very good so far.
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  3. Anyone have experience with this monitor?

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