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Torchlight 2 suppose to come out in July?

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  3. Torchlight 2 suppose to come out in July?

User Info: Spidey555

5 years ago#1
I still haven't seen an official date yet.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

5 years ago#2
I've heard nothing about an official date. What makes you think it's "supposed" to come out in July?
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User Info: licandstick

5 years ago#3
doesn't matter already preordered

gotta get the taste of D3 out of my mouth

User Info: BTzz

5 years ago#4
I think pretty much all they've said about it is something along the lines of 'late August is still Summer suckers!'
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User Info: snesmaster40

5 years ago#5
If you put the game in the shopping cart on Steam then it says "Available in September". Not sure why it says that, but I was hoping to play this soon
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  3. Torchlight 2 suppose to come out in July?

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