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$750 in magic cards, or a video card of similar price?

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  3. $750 in magic cards, or a video card of similar price?

User Info: m0986-8

5 years ago#11
From: Jesse7777 | #006
The cards are vintage and very old (broken in power) thus why so expensive.

Ultimately both are unnecessary just curious which people would get.

Old cards cant be used in standard tournaments unless they have been reprinted so the GPU easily (wouldn't even pick the Magic cards even if they were recent and of the rarest)
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User Info: PlaystionGod

5 years ago#12
DUDE! Get the magic cards! Those things are so awesome, 700 bucks is a steal! I suggest you use all your rent money for the month to buy more magic cards.

In all seriousness:
Just buy the gfx card. You can get a good one for 250 bucks and just save that money. I didn't know people still played magic. I never like the card game and never like the video game of the card game.
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User Info: Somnium

5 years ago#13
I think it has come to the point, where I find little joy in life and thus magic is a way to find some shade of enjoyment from playing it with friends.

In regards to the video card, I just find it hard to even buy a better card (currently have a 560 TI), I purchased a computer recently with all higher end parts, but I have found I rarely even use it now a days.

Do any of you ever experience that? You purchase things purely for the sake of purchasing them as a form of pseudo self medication of driving off that soulless feeling? The endorphin rush no matter how short is a temporary buffer against that endless feeling of non-existence, nothingness.

User Info: The_Down_Below

5 years ago#14
Sounds like you got some problems. You should try to get some help.

Anyhow, do what you think you will enjoy the most. Those two are totally unrelated and most people don't play card games. So you are just going to get a biased opinion no matter what.

User Info: r0ge00

5 years ago#15
The real question is what Magic cards?

User Info: jordandrako

5 years ago#16
Magic cards get out-dated in two years if you turney. You won't even be able to learn how to use all those decks in that time.
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User Info: superdarkshadow

5 years ago#17
I've never owned Magic card, so I can't comment on that, but I do like my high end graphics card.
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User Info: Somnium

5 years ago#18
The $750 is actually for a single 60 card vintage deck.

User Info: r0ge00

5 years ago#19
Ok, then what deck is it?

User Info: Somnium

5 years ago#20
Mostly all alpha and early series cards, such as moxus, instant artifact turn 1 mana, lotus etc.
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