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$750 in magic cards, or a video card of similar price?

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  3. $750 in magic cards, or a video card of similar price?

User Info: Maberz123

5 years ago#41
Deck-list would be useful. $750 may be an absolute steal but without a list, there's no comparison to be made.
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User Info: thrashmetal59

5 years ago#42
Forgo the Magic cards (Ok fine $100 worth)

And spend 650 on a MoBo, PSU, CPU, GPU and a new case.
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User Info: jschristy

5 years ago#43
Read 2 pages...

spend the $750 on a hooker.

You can even talk about Magic if you wanna. She'll do you just the same, as long as she gets paid.
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User Info: DeadRingerSpy

5 years ago#44
From: bluezero | #005
$250 on vid card, $500 in bank.
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User Info: gilv3r

5 years ago#45
GTX 670
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User Info: SnipeStar

5 years ago#46
dumb joke topic
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User Info: Captain45452

5 years ago#47
bluezero posted...
$250 on vid card, $500 in bank.
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  3. $750 in magic cards, or a video card of similar price?

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