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Looking into a gaming headset

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User Info: Knight2520

5 years ago#1
My buddy uses a pair of Astro A40s for his gaming, and the sound quality is really good. My question is though, do I need to spend $280 on a headset for quality audio? Is it really you get what you pay for in this particular instance? Are there perhaps a few other cheaper alternatives with similar quality?
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User Info: Lord Hamm

Lord Hamm
5 years ago#2
I just got a pair of rocketfish for 15 bucks on sale at Best Buy
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User Info: r0ge00

5 years ago#3
There are plenty of options that are much cheaper that will sound just as good and probably better.

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
5 years ago#4
Sennheiser 555's are really nice, well worth it IMO.
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User Info: MaestroSSX

5 years ago#5
corsair vengeance 2000 wireless headset. 149.99, from what I have read, A great headset.

User Info: Crossfire298

5 years ago#6
You could a great pair of headphones in the $100-$200 range and add a modmic for gaming.
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User Info: unsolidsnake

5 years ago#7
I have the Logitech G930 headset and I love it. Wireless, 7.1 surround (or 2.0 stereo if you wish), great battery life, superb sound quality for a wireless headset, and they are insanely comfortable and even look nice compared to other headsets.

User Info: urmomishawt04

5 years ago#8
From: Crossfire298 | Posted: 7/26/2012 11:30:11 PM | #006
You could a great pair of headphones in the $100-$200 range and add a modmic for gaming.

This is really cool but $30? Is the quality any good?

I got a pair of HTF600s that only cost $30 but I love the sound quality. A mic would be cool <_<
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