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new macbook retina display?

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User Info: punji_styx88

5 years ago#11
Right now for me, its between a macbook pro and the alienware m14x. I'm only even considering the m14x because its got the longest battery life of any regular notebook I've seen. But my main problem is its a little bulky.

Can anyone give me their opinion? One can play games better, but the other is more portable. I'm not really in it for the gaming though, that would merely be a bonus.

User Info: MageofBlood391

5 years ago#12
If you won't be gaming, there aren't any laptops on the market that will be better for you than a rMBP. If you will be, then get the m14x.

Just make the purchase based on how important gaming is to you. You say that it'd "merely be a bonus," so I'd say get the rMBP. But by being on GameFAQs, you're already more inclined towards gaming stuff anyway.
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