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I want to build my own gaming PC..

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User Info: kjb1687

5 years ago#11
Your welcome that is one of the best references out there you can use that to find some of the parts and then post here to see if it works all together. That is what i did when i built mine and the guide helped a lot.

User Info: link510

5 years ago#12
Follow that guide to get a rough idea, assemble a parts list, then post it back on here. Tweaking builds is much easier than posting entire ones and you get an idea of parts and such.

User Info: XianCe

5 years ago#13
Alright, I'll bump this thread probably tomorrow since I need to sleep. Thanks again.
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User Info: FiendingHard

5 years ago#14
Go on newegg and watch their videos on building your own rig, perhaps the most useful video I've seen recently.

User Info: Steamster

5 years ago#15
You really need to read/watch guides to gain a real perspective on what you're thinking of doing.

No way for me to just tell you one way or the other. It's all in you, in my opinion.

User Info: Snadados

5 years ago#16
A middle ground in price and tech know how I've done a few times between building your own PC and buying a pre-made gaming PC is to buy a cheaper non gaming pre-built PC and put in a better power supply and graphics card.

With back to school coming you should be able to find a lot of non-gaming PCs with really powerful CPUs and more ram than you know what to do with for a good deal.
Just make sure the motherboard has at least 1 PCI-E x 16 port and you should be good to go.
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