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Solid GPU and PSU For Around $200?

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User Info: Kyrade

5 years ago#1
I'm pretty new to all of this and all of my past computers have been stocks from Dell that I highly regret at this point in time, don't have a huge budget at the moment but was hoping I could get by with just improving the GPU for now and incrementally bumping up everything else as I go along.

Mainly going to want to use it for gaming, doesn't need to be highest settings but my current build can't even start Witcher 2 on lowest much less play it.

The budget is a bit flexible, couple weeks into August I can probably push to $300 or so, I just wanted to know if current deals that end July 31st are worth my time or not.


CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 @ 3,00Ghz
PSU: 300W Crappy stock
GPU: Nvidia GT220
4Gb Ram
300Gb hard drive
Windows 7 64bit

These two combine for just $180 or so after rebates + the free photoshop is something I could find a use for.



Any advice appreciated.

User Info: PlaystionGod

5 years ago#2
I would recommend getting a Radeon 6870 instead of that unless you are going o get the TI version of that card. Also, the psu is good, I have one and it powers my 965 and radeon 6850 just fine.
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User Info: 60secondAssasin

5 years ago#3
there are some good gpu deals but with your cpu, I wouldn't get one better than this:

and this psu:

the 560 is pretty much just an overclocked 460.
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User Info: redrum187

5 years ago#4
before you go and buy a new video card and power supply please post the exact model of your dell. some models are slimline and can only fit "low profile" video cards and non ATX power supplies which would make upgrading very difficult. hopefully you do not have one of those slim computers.
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User Info: zxrax_alt_1

5 years ago#5

Don't upgrade your computer. Wait until you can build one yourself. You'll be much happier with this route, even if it leaves you without for a little bit longer. Wait until you've got a $600 budget and look at some AMD or i3 rigs.

Just offering my two cents. Might not be what you're looking to hear, but it's a better idea tbh.
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