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Have an issue with my internet connection...

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User Info: CruxisInhibitor

5 years ago#1
ISP: Bright House Networks.

They recently came and replaced the coax which goes up into the attic from the box outside after a similar problem. After that, it was fine for a couple months up until about 3 weeks ago. I have been experiencing intermittent signal on my own office desktop specifically. I have the coax run from outside into my Scientific Atlanta modem which is linked to a mid-range Netgear router that i just replaced (I called in regards to this problem and the tech determined that the problem was the router, which was a Netgear from 2004, after he had me wire the internet cable directly into the computer and not the router. When plugged into the router, the internet was not accessible at all.) The new router i bought didn't seem to fix anything, in fact, it seems to have exacerbated the problem even though the tech said that the router was the issue. On my main desktop with the modem (I have 2 desktops and 2 laptops. 1 desktop in the kitchen, 1 in my office.) I was experiencing some problems with slow, intermittent connection and DNS lookup failures. They seem to have gone away when i changed to Google's publc DNS rather than the one i was recieving from my ISP, but occasionaly problems still arise. On my office desktop, it seems to be even worse with my wireless network adapter. I'm experiencing even more DNS lookup fails, slow load or not loading at all when i go to sites, intermittent, randomn connection. I don't have any viruses or malware on either computer and i've done all i could with messing with DNS & restarting modem/router. My main computer with the modem seems to be stable after i changed to google's public DNS, but my other is not. It says possibilities could be DNS server issues, misconfigured network, or a problem with the modem / router. We've replaced our modem several times over the years and i'm beginning to think that Bright House just sucks.

Any solutions or definitive problem someone could nail down for me? Every time i call tech support they just send a signal to the modem or have me reset it. It never seems to fix the problems that occur. I'm really frustrated because i feel like there's nothing i can do. : Black FC: 2322 5597 1384
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User Info: Greendragon854

5 years ago#2
I was once a tech support for Verizon Fios. I can confirm that support tech know nothing beyond the standard "send signal, have them connect to internet directly, if nothing works, send out a technician." They will literally hire a 60 year old woman who's never used a computer for anything besides email, train them for a week, then hand them a script.

Unfortunately, your problem doesn't sound like one I have any expertise with, it could very well be your ISP. It's possible if you call and yell at them enough (ask to be escalated to a manager, if you ask three times I don't believe they are allowed to tell you no) that they can send out a tech to really test things out free of charge, though not everywhere does this. Another thing to keep in mind is that modems CAN overheat, and this can cause problems involving intermittent signals and whatnot, so that is something to check out as well.
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